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Team ko semi final draw is as follows: To be played on 18th September.


World rules.

Sovereign E v Sidewalks

Sidewalks sash heads v word of mouth.


Old rules:

New Inn A v Royal Swan

Elm tree v Sovereign A

Many thanks to Romena Singh and Sarah Waterhouse for doing the draw up the Sovereign snooker club.









Team ko draw is as follows: To be played on Monday 24th July 2017  ( RESULTS ADDED )


Old EPA rules:

Bumbles A 2-6 Sovereign A

Elm tree 6-4 sandhurst sports A

Miners misfits v New Inn A  New Inn A win due to Miners forfeiting on the night.

Royal Swan 6-3 Ship inn.


World rules:

Sovereign E 8-5 Sovereign allstars.

Sandhurst royals 2-8 Sidewalks

Word of mouth 8-6 Sovereign Stitchers

Bumbles Asbo Army 5-8 sidewalks sesh heads.

Thanks to Sarah Waterhouse, John Cook for helping with the draw ( up sovereign snooker club )




Summer 2017 Team KO draw is as follows:


Team KO results:


World rules:

Sovereign E v Bumbles Dream team postponed by Sovereign E

Sidewalks sesh heads 8-3 Alexandra A

Sovereign Allstars 8-4 York Road

Word of Mouth 8-5 Alexandra B

Frimley Green WMC 7-8 Bumbles Asbo Army

Sandhurst Royals 8-3 Miners Arms A

Sovereign Squirrels 3-8 Sidewalks

White Swan 6-8 Sovereign Stitchers


Old EPA rules:

Bumbles A 6-1 Hawley Arms

Dog and Partridge 4-6 Royal Swan

BYE - Miners Arms Misfits

Ivy Leaf 1-6 Elm Tree

Four Horseshoes 4-6 Sandhurst Sports A

West Farnborough Club 4-6 New Inn A

Cove FC 5-6 Ship Inn

New Inn B 0-6 Sovereign A



Good luck to all teams and don't forget to text off the results