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Summer 2019 Season


Team KO draw is as follows: ( Second round )


Old EPA rules:


Hawley Arms v Ivy Leaf


Sovereign A v Ship Inn


Four Horseshoes v Royal Oak ( to be played up Sovereign snooker club )


Sandhurst Sports club v The North camp


Many thanks to Terry Welch and Des Woods for doing the draw.


World rules ko:


Word of Mouth v Royal Standard


Alexandra A v Sovereign


Frimley Green WMC v Bumbles E


York Road Sesh Heads v Sovereign E


Thanks to John Cook and Barbara Nicholls for doing the draw.


Matches to be played on 15th July.


PLEASE NOTE: The four Horseshoes is undergoing a refurb and they will be playing their matches until finished ( 27th July ) up the Sovereign Snooker Club





















Team KO draw is as follows:

World Rules:

Royal Standard Squirrels v Bumbles A

Alexandra A v Sovereign Q's

Sovereign E v Bumbles Royals

Sovereign v Bumbles Dream Team

York Road Sesh Heads v White Swan

Bumbles Elite v FGWMC

Word of Mouth v Alexandra B

Bumbles E v Miners Allstars


Old EPA Rules:

New Inn A v Royal Oak

Ship Inn v Tradesmans Arms A

Hawley Arms v New Inn B

Sovereign A v Cove FC B

Tradesmans Arms B v North Camp

Royal Swan v Four Horseshoes

Miners Misfits v Sandhurst Sports Club

Ivy Leaf v Cove FC A






































Venue: Mr Bumbles. To be played on Monday 25th March

Team KO finals:

World Rules:

Sovereign Beat Bumbles Royals


Old EPA:

Soveriegn A Beat The North Camp




Team KO draw is as follows: Semi Finals


World rules:

Bumbles Royals 8-2 Bumbles E

Sovereign 8-0 Sovereign E.


Old Rules:

York road B 4-6 Sovereign A

Cove FC A 4-6 The North camp


Thanks to John Cook and Gavin Dougal for helping to do the draws



Team KO last 8 draw is as follows: Quarter Finals


World rules:

Alexandra A v Bumbles E

Bumbles Dream team v Sovereign

Sovereign E v Royal Standard Squirrels

Sovereign Allstars v Bumbles Royals


Old EPA rules:

Royal Swan v Sovereign A

Hawley Arms v Cove FC A

York road B v Ivy leaf

Miners Arms v The North camp.

Thank you to Matt Yates, Gavin Dougal and Adam Williams for assisting in both draws.





Team KO draw is as follows:

World rules:

Sovereign Q's v Bumbles E

Royal standard squirrels v word of mouth

Sovereign Allstars v frimley green WMC

Bumbles A v Bumbles dream team

White Swan v Alexandra A

Bumbles Royals v Bumbles Asbo Army

Sovereign v York road sesh heads

Alexandra B v Sovereign E


old epa:

Sandhurst sports club v Royal swan

New Inn B v North camp

Cove fc A v New Inn A

Hawley Arms v Ship Inn

Tradesmans Arms v Sovereign A

Miners Arms v Cove Fc B

Four Horseshoes v Ivy leaf club

York road B v Royal Oak.


Thanks to Barbara Nicholls, Liam Quinn Craigy Wardy and Morgan Yates for doing the draw. matches to be played on Monday 19th November