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World rules singles ko semi final draw:


Tony Edwards v Stuart Miles

Darren Lockhart v Adam Williams.


Matches are best of 11, to be played at a date, time and venue mutually agreed between players.

must be played no later than 1 week before presentation evening.


Thanks to Jamie Latham and John Cook for doing the draw.


Old Rules:

Bob Tolouse v Russell Walter in the final

to be held on Presentation evening, 7pm start.




Singles ko Draw in its fullness:


Old EPA rules: ( Best of 5, then W v W best of 7 )


Group 1

Paul Fisher beat John Mccomiskie

Russel Walter beat Matt Price

Russel walter beat Paul Fisher

To be played at Bumbles table 3


Group 2

Maurice Pearson v Nicholas Cox

Garry Day v Bob Tolouse

Bob Tolouse wins and goes into the final!


World rules: ( Best of 7, then W v W best of 9 )


Group 1: Sovereign Table 1

Stuart Miles 4-1 Ian Williams

Robert Hancock 4-2  Craig Davenport

Stuart Miles beat Rob 5-3


Group 2: Sovereign Table 2

Darren Lockhart

Jamie Hughes 3-4 Nick Bastin

Darren Lockhart 5-2 Nick Bastin


Group 3: Bumbles table 1

Paul Theobald 4-1 Tim Evans

Tony Edwards 4-1 Gary Dauven

Paul Theobald 4-5 Tony Edwards


Group 4: Royal Standard

Adam Williams beat Matt Sheridan

Jefferson Reed beat  Matt Yates       ADAM WILLIAMS THROUGH by beating Jeff Reid.

( Played early )


Thanks to Barbera, Ashley Francis and the Palmer twins for helping with the draw.