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Singles KO draw is as follows:


( Thanks to Barbara Nicholls and John Cook for doing the world rules draw, and Barbara Nicholls and Steffanie Austin for the old EPA draw )


Word Rules:


Group 1: Mr Bumbles table 1


Adam Williams v Simon Jones


Tony Litchfield v Allan Gomez


Group 2: Sovereign table 1:


Paul Brogan v Gerald Drew


Stuart Miles v Mark Hollingdale


Group 3: Bumbles table 2:


Tony Edwards v Paul Fisher


Kevin Selway v Max Brooker


Group 4: Sovereign table 2:


Jamie Hughes v Mike Calvert


Simon King v Lee Zané Reynecke-Andrea


Old EPA rules:


Group 1: Sovereign table 3:


Maurice Pearson v Alex White


Dean Atkins v Russell Walter


Group 2: Sovereign table 4:


Paul Gamblin v Neil Croman


Dan Jenkins v Dean Huggill


Winners of each match on each tale play each other on the same evening, too see who progresses to the final 4 for World Rules, and the two Finalists for old EPA rules.