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Players through to  the Singles ko Final:


Congratulations to  Dave Woolger who Beat John M'comiskie 5-0 in the OLD EPA singles ko final!

Also congratulations to Stuart Miles, who beat Ian Williams 7-5 in the World rules final!














Players through to the semi finals!



world rules. best of 11.

Adam Williams v Paul Brogan

Tony Edwards v Gerald Drew


old EPA rules: Best of 9

John Mccomiskie v Neil Home

Bob Tolouse v Maurice Pearson.


Matches to be palyed at a date and venue mutally agreed between players. Players are responsible for the cost of the table. Neutral Venue's to be used. Any issues please contact Kevin on the Text result number.



Singles world rules Last 16

World rules:

Singles ko draw is as follows: ( Best of 7, then winner v winner of each table best of 9 )



Sovereign Table 2: Terry Welch v Simon King, and Matt Yates v Gerald Drew


Bumbles Table 2:

Kevin Selway v Tim Evans, and Lee Andrea v Paul Brogan


Bumbles table 1:

Tony Edwards v Allan Gomez, and Wayne Lee v Shane Weir


Sovereign Table 1:

Mark Hollingdale v Stuart Miles, and Adam Williams v James Rodwell


Winner of each match will play each other to see who goes through to the Semi finals!



Old EPA rules singles ko: ( Best of 7 )


Neil Croman v Neil Holm: Sovereign table 4

Andy Ferris v Bob Tolouse: Sidewalks

Russell Walter v Maurice Pearson: Sovereign Table 3

Dean Huggil v John Mccomiskie: Bumbles table 3


Venue's may be subject to change. Any change made and players will be notified.

Players are responsible for table cost. ( Max £5 charge per match up Sovereign )

Matches to be played on Monday 12th February. Good luck to all.