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League table supdated after catch up matched played on Singles KO week.


REMEMBER..stats are 100% reliant on match sheets being sent in and correct.


Dear all, due to circumstances that are unavoidable, The winter Season presentation evening scheduled for Friday 29th March will have to be moved. Its looking like Friday 22nd March now, however to do this, i will need to take out the scheduled Singles ko semi finals and do what we have done for a few years now and get those in the semi finals to play them at a venue and time agreed by the players. Sorry about this, but as i say, unavoidable..I will confirm shortly the new presentation evening date after confirming with Mr Bumbles.


Team KO Semi final's draw is up.

Singles ko draw for both World Rules and Old EPA rules are up!



Summer 2018:

Division 1:

Champions: Elephant & Castle A. Runners up: Sovereign E

Bumbles Asbo Army and Elephant sesh heads relegated.

Adam Williams wins best player for 2nd season running!



Champions: Bumbles A.  Runners up: Alexandra A

Dave Woolger and Kev Williams tie for best player. Play off, best of 5 to see who wins the award!


Division 3:

Champions: Sovereign A, Runners up: Cove FC

John Mccomiskie wins best player!

No relegated teams due to only 6 in the division.


Division 4:

Champions: Sandhurst Sports Club, Runners up: Royal Swan

Nick Gould wins best player award.

 Just a courtesy reminder about players conduct during matches. Please remember to act in a sportsman like manner. Any incidents of violence or aggression are very much frowned upon.

Also, league rules state that a referee should be used for every game. Refs are expected to ref a game in an un-biased and fair manner. In return, players are to respect the ref's decision. DO NOT start shouting and screaming at the ref and make them feel intimidated to the point that the ref feel's the need to reverse their decision as a result. The ref's decision is FINAL.

We are here to play pool with friends people, not to intimidate others and spoil their evening. No official complaints have been made on any of the above. Any official ones will be handed to the Disciplinary and Rules panel to sort out.

Again, lets just enjoy our Monday nights, play pool, have a laugh and be respectful


For and on behalf of the league disciplinary and rules panel.

Please remember to send your text results off! Also make sure that your match sheets are clear and readable when emailing them and that ALL SECTIONS are filled in or they will be rejected, and wil be classed as late if not filled out correctly and sent in on time! 









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